Hit the AWP shots you've always dreamed of

TriggerAI is a unique CS GO AWP pixel triggerbot using artificial intelligence to help you succeed over your enemies in-game by scanning and interacting with your game screen. The bot is reacting to movements on your screen and is fully customziable. The triggerbot offers the highest external pixel bot accuracy and fastest reaction times worldwide.


TriggerAI can be used in any CS GO league or matchmaking. The Triggerbots AI is only reading information coming from your monitor, but doesn't inject directly into the game. This makes the bot almost impossible to detect for todays AntiCheats.


TriggerAI can be used and started from external devices such as USB sticks or an external hard drive. Anti Cheating tools only scan your local drives for abnormal behavior. Trick them and easily push your security to the maximum.


Got any questions left? We might have them answered here!

#1 What makes TriggerAI different to other Trigger bots?

TriggerAI is using a unique technique to scan your screen for enemy player models without hacking the game or its files. The AI is only interacting with your monitor and game window, but never has to access the games memory or its files like cheats would do. This makes the Triggerbot technically undetectable while still maintaining extreme accuracy and speed.

#2 I want to play legit and use it in leagues, is that possible?

Our Triggerbot is fully customizable to fit your needs. You can vary its trigger speed (sensitivity) and FOV radius mid game by simply pressing hotkeys. All your settings will be saved automatically. You decide if you want to be the next kennyS or if you want to hit shots which are naturally impossible.

#3 Can I get banned by using TriggerAI?

TriggerAI is an external bot which doesn't need to interact with the game or its files to work. This makes it almost impossible to get detected. Using and starting it from an external device increases the security even more. We are so sure about our security that we gladly offer a full refund if you demonstrably got caught with our product by an AntiCheat tool.

#4 After buying, how do I get the Triggerbot?

You simply navigate through our check out process and will then have to enter your email address. Please make sure to use your real one (without any typos). Once we received your payment you'll automatically receive an email with your key, personal download link, our contact email address, a Discord invite and a quick instruction video. You are then ready to go!


System requirements:

→ Windows 7 or higher (64bit) with the latest Windows updates installed and full admin rights

→ A broadband internet connection

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